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Thriller, 12′

  • 41st Drama Short Film Festival
  • 24th Athens Int’l Film Festival
  • 32nd Braunschweig Film Festival
  • 21st Olympia Int’l Film Festival for Children and Young People
  • 13th Thess Int’l Short Film Festival
  • 7th Chania Film Festival

A girl quarrels with her dad. 80 km/hour. A guy drives drunk. 100 km/hour. A guy gets his body out the window. 120 km/hour. A girl flirts indiscreetly. 140 km/hour. A guy passes ouzo and weed around. 160 km/hour. A guy has an epileptic seizure. 180 km/hour.


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  • Director, writer: Andreas Vakalios
  • Starring: Nefeli Economou, Nikos Zegkinoglou, Aris Antonopoulos, Daphne Katsarou, Theodoros Charalambous, Theofilos Tsimas
    Cinematography: Fili Olsefski
    Sound design: 17 Poisoned Englishmen
    Music: e.T.
    Produced by Andreas Vakalios & Fili Olsefski
    Distribution, promotion: Empty Square