We create, produce, teach and promote 
films & photography.

Who we are

Empty Square is a non-profit organization that works with photography, cinema, video, books and art. The organization takes its name by the term of Gilles Deleuze, Empty Square which refers to an abstract symbolic element that runs continually through the structural series. It is the cornerstone and the heart of a structure. Founded in 2016 by Yannis Karpouzis in Athens, Empty square made its first movements during 2020 in film (Nikos Karouzos: Poems on the tape recoder) and artistic photography (Parallel Crisis). 2021 brings the production of two short films.

In Short

Our History

Founded in 2016. Has an awarded feature documentary and an awarded photography project under its belt.

Our Mission

To produce, create and promote projects that can have an impact in the world.